Insure The Contents of Your Apartment with Apartment Insurance

Apartment Insurance is important to obtain when renting a home, apartment or condo in Massachusetts.  The policy is intended to protect your personal belongings, personal liability, medical payments to others and loss of use.  The policy protects against fire, lightening, windstorm, hail and other specified perils.

The minimum amount of contents coverage is about $20,000 and can increase to $100,000 and beyond.  Your contents include everything you would pack up and move.  To assist in determining how much coverage you need, you can view our Household Inventory Form.

Apartment insurance is fairly inexpensive. The premium of the policy is based on the amount of personal belonging coverage you need. When it is combined with the same company as your auto insurance you can obtain a discount on both policies for an account credit.  For a basic policy, often times the apartment insurance policy ends up being “free” when combined with the account discounts.

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