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Tuesday, 02 February 2021 01:58

6 Ways to Drive Safe During Winter

Snow, sleet, ice and below freezing temperatures all have an effect on driving conditions. During winter, safety depends on driver performance in winter hazards, good vehicle maintenance—and common sense. These tips will help you and your car weather the winter.


Prepare for winter driving conditions

Prepare for driving in inclement and freezing weather before you head out with these suggestions:

  • Keep windshield and windows clear. Keep a snow brush and scraper in your vehicle at all times. Your car's defroster can be supplemented by wiping the windows with a clean cloth to improve visibility.
  • Check your exhaust pipe to make sure it is clear. A blocked pipe could cause a leakage of carbon monoxide gas into your car when the engine is running.
  • Don't warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage. This can cause toxic carbon monoxide to build up.
  • Fully charge your cellphone and make sure to have your car charger in case you're running late or need to phone help if you get stuck or have an emergency. But avoid the temptation of using the phone while driving, as it can be a dangerous distraction. Always pull over if you need to make the call.
  • Monitor the weather conditions before beginning your trip, not just at your departure point but also at your destination. If it seems like the roads will be too hazardous, say if an ice storm, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail or other severe weather is expected anywhere on the route you are taking, change your travel plans.
  • Allow extra time to arrive at your destination. Trips can take longer during winter than other times of the year, especially if you encounter storm conditions or icy roads. And driving in inclement weather is stressful enough without the added pressure of being late, which might cloud your safe driving judgment.


Drive with extra caution

“Failure to keep in proper lane or running off the road” and “driving too fast for conditions” are the two of the most frequent poor driver behaviors, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Bad weather makes these behaviors exponentially more dangerous, so take additional precautions on the road.

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